IPAS Receives High Marks In recent Alumni Survey

Date Released: 16 December 2020

IPAS conducted its second biannual Alumni Survey in the late Fall of 2019. The purpose of the survey was to learn more about the educational and career experiences of alumni, as well as to assess their perceptions of the relevance of educational training they received through the IPAS.

Alumni were asked to rate their overall satisfaction with the IPAS Programme. IPAS achieved a 100% satisfaction rating, with 84% of alumni  indicating that they were "Very Satisfied" with the program, and an additional 16% indicating that they were "Satisfied".  In addition, 95% of IPAS alumni stated they would recommend this program to a friend and/or colleague.  

To read more about who our students are and their experiences in the program, see our 2019 Alumni Survey results.


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