The program tuition  for 2022-2023 is $32,400 US Dollars. This is based on a $900 per credit rate for the 36 credit program. 

Full-time students are registered for 18 credits in both the Fall and Spring semesters and owe half of the total tuition at the beginning of each semester. Tuition is payed in US dollars at the beginning of each semester. A helpful currency converter can be found here:

A payment plan allowing students to pay in four installments spread over the semester is available if application is made within the first month of each semester. 


Part-time students are registered for 8 credits in both the Fall and Spring semesters of their first year.  At the current tuition rates ($900 per credit), this totals $7,200 each semester for a total first year tuition of $14,400.  In their second year, part-time students are registered for 10 credits per term.  At the current tuition rates, this totals $9,000 per semester, for a total second year tuition of $18,000.


There are currently no program sponsored scholarship opportunities offered for the MS or Certificate Programmes in Addiction Studies.  If monies become available to sponsor students, information will be made available.


IPAS graduate Po Ching (Jennie) Wan from China and Dr. Kim Wolff, former IPAS Programme Director at King's College, London (KCL), celebrate following a graduation ceremony at KCL.  IPAS graduates can attend graduation ceremonies at any of the three participating Universities.