Advanced Certificate Concentration: Schedule and Curriculum

The curriculum consists of the six 4-credit courses (24 credits) required of students. Due to the nature of the programme, courses/modules are completed in a specific sequence, and there are currently no electives available.  The course sequence for the part-time program is listed below, followed by a description of each of the courses/modules. Part-time students will take two courses per term in their first year, and one course per semester in their second year.  Start dates of courses taken at one time in the first year are staggered to allow for periods of uninterupted study focus.

Part-time Program, Year 1

Semester 1 (Fall)

Public Health Issues and Approaches to Addiction (Aug-Nov)
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Treatment of Addiction:  Critical Issues (Sept-Decl)
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Semester 2 (Spring)

Treatment of Addiction:  Psychosocial Interventions (Jan-April)
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Addiction Policy (Feb-May)

Part-time Program, Year 2

Semester 1 (Fall)

Biological Basis of Addiction (Aug-Nov)

Semester 2 (Spring)

Treatment of Addiction: Pharmacotherapies (IDAS 604) (Feb-May)


Course Descriptions

Public Health Issues and Approaches to Addiction
Treatment of Addiction: Critical Issues
Treatment of Addiction: Psychosocial Interventions
Addiction Policy
Biological Bases of Addiction
Treatment of Addiction: Pharmacotherapies