Program Options

IPAS program options include:


Each IPAS degree option was designed to meet the varying educational needs and objectives of professionals currently working in (or students seeking to work in) fields related directly to or impacted by addiction.  These include the fields of addiction prevention, treatment and policy, as well as law enforcement, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health and education.  The program structure provides flexibility for adult learners, as students who complete either of the Certificate program options may, with approval of the program team, return to study to complete their MS and have their prior credits counted toward the Master's degree.

The Intermediate Certificate programme provides a graduate level exploration of foundational topics in Addiction Science. The Advanced Certificate (known as a PostGraduate Diploma in the UK and Australia) includes the foundational courses, but provides a more in-depth opportunity to explore and critically analyze issues and controversies in the field, and to learn about diagnostic and treatment issues in special populations (adolescents, the elderly, people with mental illness).  The Master of Science degree is designed for individuals who want the in-depth content exposure offered through the Advanced Certificate, but who are who are also interested in gaining research experience, pursuing a PhD, or whose career paths require the credentialing available upon completion of a Masters.

These programs are available to students from all countries, although courses are conducted in English only.  Classes are entirely online and no campus attendance is required. Enrolled students are considered students of all three universities concurrently and have access to all online resources available from each of the partners. Upon completion of any of the degrees, students receive a unique parchment conferred jointly by and bearing the seals of the three partner universities.

The Master’s programme and the Advanced Certificate (PostGraduate Diploma) are available on either a full-time (12-month) or part-time (24-month) basis.  The Intermediate Certificate is designed to be completed over a 9-month period with the three courses offered consecutively from August through May.  Enrollment in either of the certificate programs is permissible for students who are engaged in other VCU graduate programs so these courses can be taken concurrently to complete a full-time course of study.