New IPAS term structure addresses student feedback

Date Released: 19 April 2016

Beginning in the 2016-2017 academic year, the IPAS programme will undergo a change to its term structure.  Inspired by suggestions from current and former students who expressed a desire to have more time in each course to integrate material and a longer period of time to complete their final research projects, the change will lead the programme to more closely conform to a traditional 15-week semester academic term.

From 2008 to the present, students have studied year-round, completing four intensive 11-week terms with short one or two week breaks between terms.  In the coming year, part-time students will benefit from a 3-week holiday from mid-December to early January, as well as a full two month break between mid-May and early August.   Within each semester, courses are slightly staggered to allow times during which students may focus on one module at a time.  Students in full-time status will still have the opportunity to complete the MS within one calendar year by taking four modules per term, with an extra 6 weeks added to the Research Project module to afford dedicated time to its completion.

VCU IPAS Programme director Mary Loos noted, “the changes will allow faculty and students a longer window in which to dig into the material and learn from one another.  It is our hope that the more extended modules will provide increased opportunities for students to integrate not only reading and lecture material, but also feedback on their work."

IPAS Term Changes to learn more about term dates and associated modules.

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